Is Modesty Overrated?

Growing up as a preacher's daughter in an Apostolic household, I would dread having to wear long skirts ALL the time. My parent's were lenient enough to allow me to change into shorts for P.E. class. However, I knew of some parents who were totally against that requirement too. When I went off to college,… Continue reading Is Modesty Overrated?

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A Relaxing Vacation – Just What the Children Ordered

My husband and I made last minute plans for a get-away with the children during their Spring Break this year. Knowing that it is close to the end of Spring semester for me and I have a major research study due and a major paper due, I figured that I could get some school work… Continue reading A Relaxing Vacation – Just What the Children Ordered

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A Little More Faith 2017 – Top 5 Posts

WOW! 2017 was truly a blessed year for my blog, A Little More Faith.  I would have never imagined that I would end the year with over 1000 followers from all over the world.  I hope that each post has been meaningful and thought-provoking for you as you continue your Spiritual Journey. Thank you for… Continue reading A Little More Faith 2017 – Top 5 Posts

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Tis the season for little kids running around the neighborhood in cute costumes. We went from living in the country where we had no visitors on October 31st to having our doorbell ring constantly at our new home. Selena, Isaac, and Isaiah would run to the door - some children they recognized from their school;… Continue reading UNMASKED

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Faith Builders for Little Ones

"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." - Proverbs 22:6 During my recovery from my recent hernia repair surgery, my precious Isaac would come up to me, close his eyes, bow his head and whisper a prayer.  He would say, “Mommy, I… Continue reading Faith Builders for Little Ones

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Case Closed

Aren't you glad that Jesus always has the final say? No matter the situation, test, trial, or circumstance that you are faced with, Jesus has already granted the verdict - Case Closed! I believe that God has all power in His hands and that because He is my Father, I have found favor.  But, there… Continue reading Case Closed

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Modern Day Psalm #2

My heavenly Father above my earthly father I'm acknowledging You as I head to the altar. Realizing that I haven't always been obedient Living holy requires Your Spirit as the main ingredient. I don't want to lift my eyes to make a connection It's taken me a long time because of past rejection. If anyone… Continue reading Modern Day Psalm #2