Faith Builders


Tis the season for little kids running around the neighborhood in cute costumes. We went from living in the country where we had no visitors on October 31st to having our doorbell ring constantly at our new home. Selena, Isaac, and Isaiah would run to the door - some children they recognized from their school;… Continue reading UNMASKED

Faith Builders


“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” – John 8:36 Today we celebrate freedom but ask yourself – Am I truly free?  Too many people are walking around in spiritual and emotional bondage.  They may shout on Sundays, dress the part, and even smile through it – but deep down… Continue reading BREAKING FREE

Faith Builders

5 Scriptures on Conquering Fear

“We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” – Romans 8:37 When I was 11 years old, I fell while riding my bicycle. The handlebars jabbed me directly underneath my rib cage – ouch, it was so painful! It was so painful that I didn’t have an appetite the next day. I love… Continue reading 5 Scriptures on Conquering Fear

Faith Builders

Case Closed

Aren't you glad that Jesus always has the final say? No matter the situation, test, trial, or circumstance that you are faced with, Jesus has already granted the verdict - Case Closed! I believe that God has all power in His hands and that because He is my Father, I have found favor.  But, there… Continue reading Case Closed

Modern Psalms

Modern Day Psalm #2

My heavenly Father above my earthly father I'm acknowledging You as I head to the altar. Realizing that I haven't always been obedient Living holy requires Your Spirit as the main ingredient. I don't want to lift my eyes to make a connection It's taken me a long time because of past rejection. If anyone… Continue reading Modern Day Psalm #2

Faith Builders, My Testimony


Today, it seemed as if my baby boy turned into a man right before my eyes.  So much pride and joy filled my heart as I watched him march across Inouye Field as a soldier in the United States Army.  God brought him through basic training and his Advanced Individual Training - one of the… Continue reading HOOAH!