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10 Encouraging Scriptures for Mommy Sanity

This weekend, I had a moment - a moment that I am sure that all Mommies can relate to: My Children plucked my last nerve!!! Well, maybe not my last nerve but pretty close.  All I know is that I stopped what I was doing, went to my room, closed the door and screamed.  After… Continue reading 10 Encouraging Scriptures for Mommy Sanity

Faith Builders

No More One Night Stands

She awakens from her drunken daze. Her head still pounding from the music at the club the night before. The man she met last night left hours ago. Feeling empty inside, she grabs up her clothes and heads for the shower. Guilty and ashamed, she gets dressed, grabs her Bible, and heads to church searching… Continue reading No More One Night Stands

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Love Prevails

  A little over 12 years ago, I met this handsome guy that swept me off my feet.  I had never felt love like this before - I wasn’t even sure that it was love because I had never experienced such an invigorating emotion. Mostly, because I had been hurt so much by past relationships.… Continue reading Love Prevails