Stop Living On The Edge

Collins Dictionary defines the phrase "living on the edge" as "taking a risk above and beyond what most people do." In fact, "living on the edge" and being a risk taker is a characteristic that is praised and is even identified as a leadership trait. A recent family trip to Tennessee and traveling along some… Continue reading Stop Living On The Edge


Is Modesty Overrated?

Growing up as a preacher's daughter in an Apostolic household, I would dread having to wear long skirts ALL the time. My parent's were lenient enough to allow me to change into shorts for P.E. class. However, I knew of some parents who were totally against that requirement too. When I went off to college,… Continue reading Is Modesty Overrated?

Faith Builders

A Little More Faith 2017 – Top 5 Posts

WOW! 2017 was truly a blessed year for my blog, A Little More Faith.  I would have never imagined that I would end the year with over 1000 followers from all over the world.  I hope that each post has been meaningful and thought-provoking for you as you continue your Spiritual Journey. Thank you for… Continue reading A Little More Faith 2017 – Top 5 Posts