A Few of My Favorite Things

Below are links to some of my favorite products from my Affiliate Partners

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 – PBfit is my favorite low calorie protein powder add-in for my smoothies! All Natural + Gluten Free + Non GMO

VCO_56Virgin Organic Coconut Oil – I use coconut oil moderately in my cooking but it is a wonderful oil for moisturizing your hair and skin! Organic + Non GMO

QuinoaOrganic Quinoa – Quinoa is delicious in salads and substitute rice with quinoa for a more nutritious side dish. Packed with all 9 essential amino acids, quinoa is a WINNER! Organic + Non GMO

nutrition_related_300x250Shakeology – I have tried a lot of different nutritional shakes and I haven’t found any that taste as good and fills me up like Shakeology. I love the flavor variety and the fact that it’s made with healthy, all natural ingredients is a huge PLUS!


6771610 Ways To Fall In Love With Your Bible And Stay In Love – If you are in a rut when it comes to reading the Bible, his new book by Shanna Noel will help you get back on track and enjoy reading the Word of God!

39239_1Love Notes for Kids – My kiddos love these special surprise notes in their lunchbox!


Scripture Bangle – Bling with my favorite scripture – Jeremiah 29:11!

6772212878Fashion Scarves – Beautiful scarves with scriptures that complete your outfit! A great gift item!