In 2020, Let Your Faith Surpass What You See


Yes, we are blessed to see a new year and a new decade! I have seen so many positive posts on social media proclaiming great things and resolutions for the New Year. One trending post is about 20/20 Vision. I get it! We all want to see clearly and walk into our calling/vision. I even created a vision board for 2020 to help me stay focused on priorities and goals that I want to accomplish this year.

However, let’s not forget that we can’t be led simply by what we see. A lot of times, it is what we see that leads to discouragement and disappointment. Just looking at TV and reading the news about divisiveness in our government, war, racism that still exists, murder and crime, and so on, can leave us feeling hopeless. However, the Word of God tells us, “we live by faith, not by sight.” So, in 2020 and beyond, seek to increase your faith by building a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ. The One who healed the blind so that they can see, Is also the One that can strengthen your spiritual sight so you won’t be blinded by deceptions or illusions this year.

Here are a few scriptures to help you achieve 20/20 Spiritual Vision:


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