Motivational Monday Devotion – August 6, 2018

It’s Your Time to Grow

“But the ones on the good soil are the people who hear the word but also hold on to it with good and honest hearts, producing a crop through endurance.” – Luke 8:15 (ISV)

My children and I recently planted seeds in a raised container garden.  To be honest, gardening is really not my thing but I remembered enjoying gardening with my Mom as a little girl.  Since I was able to spend this summer with my children, I thought I would introduce them to an experience where they can plant and watch something grow.

Only after a few weeks and after some rain, we started to see sprouts pushing up through the dirt.  Just now, we had another shower while I looked out the window at our plants.  I thought – that is much like life.  We are the seeds and we have to be buried in “dirt” and we have to endure the rain.  But if we grasp hold of the lessons from the Word of God that can help lift us out of the “dirt” that may be dished out on us, and if we gain strength from the rainstorms in  our life, we can push through all that dirt and grow into beautiful, strong plants.

So, shake off the “dirt”, endure the rain, and bask in the SON! It’s Your Time to Grow!

It's Your Time to Grow

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