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Activate Your Power and Authority

Pick any day and scroll through Facebook and you are sure to see friends dealing with illness, the passing of a loved one, issues at work, etc. You may see others venting and/or “spilling the tea” about everything going on in their lives.

Carmen is having a hard day at work because her co-worker is spreading rumors about her.*
Eli‘s wife is having an affair and is constantly belittling him because he lost his job.*
Jeremy was passed over for a promotion again.*
Kacie is upset because her daughter’s father is now dating her best friend…and is late again paying child support.*

Some people thrive off of seeing people dealing with issues. Others use it to fuel their daily gossip channel. I, on the other hand, want to scream – “STOP IT!” Do you want to know why?

Because, we all deal with issues on a daily basis but for those who are SAVED, we have POWER and AUTHORITY to overcome rumors, affairs or relationship issues, grief, financial crisis and any trial we may face. Yes, life can be difficult but Jesus Christ gives us the strength and power to DEAL WITH IT. He gives us the Power and Authority to overcome the trials of life.

So, how do you activate that POWER and AUTHORITY in your life?

(1) PRAY: Jesus Christ, alone, is only a prayer away. When you are dealing with situations at work, pray before you enter the office that Jesus will enter before you, change the atmosphere, and lead and direct your path. If you are grieving, pray that Jesus will comfort your heart. If you are dealing with sickness, pray that Jesus Christ will heal you just as He healed the blind, the lepers, and the woman with the issue of blood. He is still a Healer! If you are dealing with relationship problems, seek Jesus Christ for direction – not your friends, and definitely not Facebook.

(2) PROFESS THE WORD OF GOD OVER YOUR SITUATION: God provided a powerful instruction manual for us on how to overcome every situation we may face. When I’m faced with an issue, I go to my Bible and I talk directly to the situation and tell it, “you will NOT win” and I also remind God that in His Word, He promised me the VICTORY.

Here are some of my favorite 9 SCRIPTURES about Power and Authority:


So, stop the complaining, the venting, and “spilling ALL your tea.” Instead, ACTIVATE your POWER & AUTHORITY!

If you want to know how to plug into the POWER SOURCE – JESUS CHRIST – I would love to pray with you and share the Plan of Salvation. Feel free to contact me!

* Fictional characters and circumstances


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