Reflections: Week 1 of Back to School with the NickCrew

Last week, I saw the last of the Nicholas children, affectionately known as the NickCrew, start their first day of school.  Our twins, Isaac and Isaiah, started Kindergarten and our Princess Selena is in first grade!


I was surprised that I didn’t cry as I saw them get on the bus.  I think, secretly, I exhaled as I realized that I can now start counting down to retirement!  But it was clear that things are different now and I learned some valuable lessons after the first week:

  1. Multiple children in school at one time is HARD work!  I know millions of women do this all the time.  But I wanted to call my Mom and tell her she needs to move back in with us almost everyday.  I quickly learned that you definitely have to have a plan to divert as much stress as possible!  Just like it’s helpful to Meal Prep on Weekends, it’s also important to “School Prep” on weekends.  So, I had the NickCrew pick out their outfits for the entire week on Sunday and ironed everything. I organize clothes for each day in their hanging closet organizers.  I pack lunches and snacks every night.  My hubby and I tag-team to tackle bath time, reading time and homework each night.
  2. When touring After Care facilities make sure they don’t have a sandbox!  So, I now have a new nemesis (other than playdough) – SAND!  So, my kids love playing in the sandbox during recess at after care.  Every evening, we have to shake sand out of shoes outside.  AND Friday, Selena came home with sand all in her hair.  Sand and naturally curly hair does not go together!
  3. I missed the memo about coffee at the bus stop!  So, we are in a new neighborhood this year and I’ve noticed new trends.  Apparently, Moms walk to the bus stop sipping on their coffee.  I, on the other hand, have my headphones and my workout gear to get in two miles around the neighborhood before work.  I love a good cup of coffee…so, I guess I won’t judge.  I’ll just continue to enjoy my morning walk and enjoy my coffee on my way to work!

Now, we are on to week two and I’m sure new adventures are in store with the NickCrew – Ready! Set! Go!


Tips for Stress-lessSchool Days (1)


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