Listen to your body

Tips on how to be successful with your fitness program:

  1. KEEP IT SIMPLE – if you are new to exercise, underweight, obese, or have medical conditions, start with a simple program.  Try a low impact cardio program, or W-A-L-K, one of the best, low-impact, and free exercises in the world!  Always, consult with your medical physician or work with a wellness coach to determine the best fitness program for you. They put a disclaimer on workout videos and on your gym membership form for a reason!
  2. Know the difference between muscle burn versus muscle strain – You want to push yourself to the point of feeling your muscles working or feeling that “burn”.  You will be a little sore, but the soreness should subside within 24 hours so that you can workout again.  At the opposite end of the spectrum is muscle strain – if you are feeling severe pain during or immediately after your workout and it doesn’t let up after 24 hours, you need to see your doctor immediately.
  3.  Rest your Body!  Incorporate at least 1 rest day in your exercise calendar/plan each week.  This can be a complete rest day (no exercise) or make it an active rest day and incorporate yoga or Pilates.
  4. BALANCE – You can’t lose weight simply by exercising or simply by following a meal plan or weight loss plan.  You have to incorporate BOTH!  Along with a suitable fitness program, make sure you are following a weight loss program or working with a wellness coach that will help you make healthy eating a lifestyle change.  Effective and long-lasting weight loss is achievable only when you learn portion control, appropriate nutrition for your body, and clean eating.

Special thanks to Dr. Earnhardt, Surgical Associates of Fredericksburg, and the Fredericksburg Ambulatory Surgery Center!


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