FitSpiration Devotion: Preparation is Key

What do you do when you have a test or exam or a presentation at work? You prepare, right?

Just as you prepare for a major test or presentation, you should prepare for your week to minimize stress and to have a successful week. My Mom always taught me to lay out my clothes at the beginning of the week. I still struggle with this concept but I have improved over the years. I, at least, lay out Selena’s clothes on Sunday nights which helped eliminate her “diva moments” in the morning.

I also realized that when I prep food for the week during my weekends, I eat better the following week. This week, I am preparing to have surgery on Wednesday. Unfortunately, this will leave me with limitations for 4 – 6 weeks: no lifting, no pushing, no pulling, and no strenuous exercise. Eek!!! So, this definitely throws a wrench in my weight loss plan.

Because I’m limited in the exercise that I can do, I’m determined to at least eat right. So, last night, I did my food prep for the week ahead:

  • Burrito bowls with brown rice (recipe below)
  • Curry chicken
  • Broccoli slaw
  • Boiled eggs

I also purchased yogurt, sweet potatoes, fresh fruit, and frozen fruit for my smoothies.

How did you prepare for the week ahead? Feel free to share in the comments below.

The Mexican Boy


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