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Love Prevails


A little over 12 years ago, I met this handsome guy that swept me off my feet.  I had never felt love like this before – I wasn’t even sure that it was love because I had never experienced such an invigorating emotion. Mostly, because I had been hurt so much by past relationships.  Having endured an abusive relationship, I put up a brick wall so that I wouldn’t get hurt again.  For years, I suffered from low self-esteem and didn’t feel that I deserved the love Frederick was showing me.  But let me tell you, he was persistent and patient with me!

Frederick’s love and romantic ways chipped at the wall, brick-by-brick.  He would bring me flowers for no reason, invite me to lunch in the park, have bible study with me, and wrote me the most beautiful poetry.  One day, I finally let down my guard enough to recognize that his love for me was real and genuine.

So Ladies, when a man FINDS YOU and gives you the love that you are so deserving of – a I Corinthians 13:4-7 kind of LOVE, embrace it!

Frederick is my biggest cheerleader and gives me full support in every endeavor I undertake. He still writes poetry and he is allowing me to share one of his most recent poems with my devoted readers.  His poetry won my heart – I hope it inspires yours!

My family of God, lift your hands up to the most high

Listen to me in the time of trouble, He’ll be nigh

I won’t say we’ll never again have another problem

Our Father in Heaven is able to help us solve them

Everyday brings us new challenges and opportunities

It also brings us a chance to shine in our communities

Letting us be a light when things seem so dark

Shine with light of hope as we press toward the mark

Sometimes we must encourage ourselves to encourage others

We must speak life to our sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers.

~ Frederick A. Nicholas Sr.

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3 thoughts on “Love Prevails”

  1. That is so profound and spoken from the sentiments of a man’s heart ❤️. Bless you and your family, knowingly, God put you together for his glory and honor ……. a family member ( Linda Comfort)

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