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Don’t you hate it when your computer gets stuck and won’t let you finish your work? Or when it seems to just have a mind of its own?  When this happens, you have two choices – either unplug it & throw it out the window OR hit control, alt, delete to reset your computer.  Option 1 may make you feel a little bit better in the moment until you realize you will have to add buying a new laptop to your expense list.  Option 2 usually works…sometimes it works after hitting the buttons two or three times…but it does work!

Life is the same way!  Sometimes we just get STUCK.  There are times when we feel we are at a breaking point because it feels like we have the world on our shoulders?  Sometimes we come to crossroads and don’t know which way to go.  Then there are times when we have so much desire in our heart that we don’t even know where to start.

That’s when it’s time for a RESET!  It’s time to hit the CONTROL-ALT-DELETE buttons in your life.  Now, let’s talk about each of these buttons:

CONTROL – The first step in the reset process is to allow God to have control in your life – complete control.  A lot of times we get STUCK because we have decided to do things our way instead of allowing God to lead and direct us in every aspect of our life.  

ALT – The alt key is a modifier key.  When pressed with other keys, it changes the function of that key.  That’s the way the Holy Spirit operates in our lives.  It changes the way we do things!  It changes the way we think! It changes our attitude!  It changes the way we LIVE!  The Holy Spirit helps you operate in a totally different way.

DELETE-  It’s time to delete those things…and even people who are blocking us from reaching our purpose.  If that person is not on the same page as you – hit DELETE!  If you are carrying around a weight/burden that God already told you to let go of – hit DELETE!  If you are holding on to sin – hit DELETE!  God has something (or someone) GREATER for you and you are allowing things and people to block you from receiving your blessings.   

Resetting your computer only works when you hit all three keys at the same time.  You have to exercise all three concepts in your life in order to get results.   

I invite you to press those three keys with me and go with me on this journey as we strive to live a life purposed by God!

How will you hit CONTROL-ALT-DELETE and reset your life?

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